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Have you ever found yourself opening up shampoo bottles in the store and choosing one based on how good it smelled? For many of us, a shampoo’s fragrance is one of the most important factors when deciding on a new product, so here’s everything you need to know about shampoo scents.

Choosing Your Shampoo

We all long for a shampoo that smells delightful and lasts all day. But should we be choosing our hair care products based on smell alone?

If you don’t suffer from any scalp issues, greasy roots or dry strands, you can probably go for the shampoo you find smells the nicest. But to get the best out of your product, it’s best to find the right shampoo for your hair type first, and then make your choice on how nice or long lasting the scent is.

Shampoo Scents Are Similar To Perfume

Shampoo fragrances work in a similar way to perfume or cologne, and affect different people in different ways.

Did you know that without the addition of perfume, shampoo would have an unappealing detergent smell? With fragrance being such an important factor when we consider buying a new shampoo, lots of research goes into the best scent for each brand.

They need to take quite a few things into consideration before coming up with a new scent. How unique will the fragrance be? How well will your hair hold the scent? How will it smell in the bottle?

There are about 3.000 perfume elements to choose from, but research shows that most people prefer fruity fragrances over others. As scents are delicate, they can be affected differently by detergents or not adhere to hair well, which is why you’ll notice some shampoo fragrances last much longer than others.

High-quality Ingredients

When you read the ingredients list on the back of a shampoo bottle it can be very confusing. But as a general rule, the higher up the list the ingredient is, the more quantity it will contain.

Higher quality shampoos tend to have fewer ingredients so that everything that goes into the bottle serves its purpose. If you’re looking for a shampoo with a specific smell, say, hibiscus, try finding one that lists the fragrance within the first 10 ingredients.

Why Essential Oils Are Important

Shampoos with scents that last longer often use essential oils to create delightful fragrances. This means that the oils are extracted from fruit, flowers, seeds, and other elements to create an essence which is then added to the shampoo.

As well as producing wonderful smells, essential oils help revitalize, repair and nourish your hair, so you really can’t go wrong!

Can You Make Your Shampoo Fragrance Last Longer?

If you love how your shampoo smells and want to make it last for longer, there are a few things you should bear in mind.

Using conditioner will add another smell to your hair, and a second rinsing will remove some the fragrance left by your shampoo. So you if you need conditioner, try to find one that smells similar to your shampoo.

The same goes for styling products. As they usually have heavy scents it’s easy to cover up the lovely smell of your shampoo, so use them sparingly or try to find ones that match.

Finally, try to stay away from environmental pollutants such as cigarette smoke, vehicle exhausts, grease and other strong smells, as your hair absorbs them and can end up masking your shampoo smell.

Top 5 Best Smelling Shampoos

"Belcam Bath Therapy" Rose Petals Body Wash & Shampoo

"Belcam Bath Therapy" Rose Petals Body Wash and Shampoo

This gentle formula is a great 3-in-1 option that’ll get you in and out of the shower in a flash. You can use it as a bubble bath, body wash or gentle shampoo, and it has a delicious rose petal scent.

It has a rich formula which foams nicely and contains softening agents to leave your hair and skin feeling smoother than ever. It has the added benefit of being paraben and petroleum free and provides a deep moisturization for your whole body.

I’ve chosen the Rose Petal fragrance as it’s one of my favorites, but it also comes in other amazing scents such as cherry blossom, coconut, passion flower and vanilla orchid. If you like flowery scents that last, this is a great option that won’t break the bank.


  • Paraben and petroleum free
  • Good for greasy hair
  • Great price
  • Long lasting scent


  • Contains sulfites
  • Can dry out some hair types

"Bath & Body Works" Eucalyptus Spearmint Shampoo & Conditioner

"Bath & Body Works" Eucalyptus Spearmint Shampoo & Conditioner

This “Stress Relief” shampoo and conditioner set by Bath & Body Works uses an aromatherapy blend of eucalyptus and spearmint essential oils to help you relax whilst you shower.

As well as adding volume and shine, this shampoo provides a lovely cooling sensation on your scalp to help you relax, clear your mind and uplift your mood. Not a bad to start to your morning!

This shampoo releases a pretty strong scent when it comes into contact with warm water, which allows you to breathe in deeply and benefit from the aromatherapy. It does get lighter after rinsing, but lingers enough to provide a unique fragrance which is fresh and captivating.

As well as boosting your mood whilst you shower and helping you relax, it also leaves your hair feeling soft, shiny and bouncy. I wish I’d known about this brand when I was struggling through my exams and in desperate need of some relaxation!


  • Safe for color treated hair
  • Contains essential oils
  • Lathers nicely
  • Scent lasts all day
  • No animal testing


  • The large bottle can be hard to handle
  • Can dry out finer hair types

Elastine Perfume Pure Breeze Shampoo

Elastine Perfume Pure Breeze Hair Shampoo

This refreshing shampoo provides a long lasting floral scent of white rose, geranium water lily, and cedar wood. It’s made by a Korean-based premium cosmetic brand and is becoming widely available around the world.

It also contains jojoba oil which infuses hair with Vitamin E, minerals and protein, and provides a gentle cleanse without stripping your hair and scalp’s natural moisture. It has a unique fragrance which lasts all day, but isn’t as feminine as some of their other scents.

This shampoo provides an appealing fresh scent which isn’t overpowering, leaves your hair feeling silky and shiny, and can be particularly good for thicker hair types.


  • Lovely floral fragrance
  • Great for thick hair
  • Hair feels soft and smooth
  • Scent lasts all day


  • Daily use can dry out hair

"Glop & Glam" Candy Apple

Glop & Glam Candy Apple Shampoo

This moisturizing shampoo is suitable for the whole family. It doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals or detergents, doesn’t sting your eyes, is suitable for sensitive skin and also contains natural lice preventative ingredients.

As well as smelling delicious, it nourishes your strands from root to tip, adds moisture and naturally detangles. Whereas many sulfate-free shampoos don’t offer a rich lather, this brand foams nicely and can also be used as a body wash.

As it is so mild, it can be a great choice for anyone who suffers from contact dermatitis or sensitive scalp issues.

All Glop & Glam products are made in the US and adhere to environmental and socially responsible business practices. If you’re looking for a gentle shampoo which smells amazing and enhances your natural shine, this is the one for you.


  • Paraben, sulfate, and alcohol-free
  • Unique scent that lasts
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Tear-free


  • Brand aimed more for kids

Thann Aromatic Wood

Thann Aromatic Wood Aromatherapy Shampoo

As I mentioned earlier, shampoos that contain fewer ingredients and a variety of essential oils are often the kindest to your hair and offer scents that really last. This shampoo by Thann ticks all the boxes in that sense and is actually one of my favorites.

It contains a range of nutrient-rich essential oils which nourish and improve smoothness. Olive oil is a great source of Vitamin E, has excellent moisturizing properties and softens your strands.

Sesame oil is packed with antioxidants and works as a natural emollient, orange and tangerine oils bring out your hair’s natural shine, and nutmeg has antiseptic properties to help detoxify your hair and scalp.

One of the reasons this shampoo smells so good is the addition of aromatic wood and lemony scents. It’s great for both men and women, and leaves your hair feeling smooth, shiny, healthy and smelling great.


  • Fresh scent which lasts all day
  • Paraben free
  • No artificial color or fragrance
  • Mineral oil free


  • Contains coconut derived sulfites
  • Thin consistency


As well as helping you create clean, smooth, shiny hair, some shampoos smell so good that you can forget about using perfume for the day.

To find a product that offers a long lasting fragrance, it’s best to choose a suitable shampoo for your hair type, and then go for a brand that uses essential oils high up on its list of ingredients.

This is why I think Thann’s Aromatic Wood is the clear winner amongst the shampoos I’ve just reviewed. It contains fewer synthetic ingredients than traditional shampoos and uses over six different essential oils.

As well as smelling great, it helps detoxify your strands, uses wheat protein to help your hair retain its moisture, adds volume and improves smoothness.

It’s a great choice for most hair types, and I love the fact that it uplifts your shower session to an enjoyable aromatherapy experience.


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